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Dr. Y. M. Donde(1904 – 1981)

Recognized by UGC - Under 2 (f) (13 Nov.1995) And Under 12 (B) (31 May 2002)

इंदिरा महाविद्यालय, कळंब.

Indira Mahavidyalaya, Kalamb

Accredited with "B" Grade by NAAC

(Affiliated TO Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University)
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Dr. Bhau Mandavkar(1930 – 2008)

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Student's Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC)

The students play a pivotal role in an Educational Institution. Focusing on the Teaching-Learning-Evaluation process and hence providing Quality Education through various channels is the key concept behind Student's Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC). It emphasizes on an overall development of all aspects of the students. SQAC also promotes student engagement within the institution and contributes to quality enhancement. It emphasizes the learner perspective during quality reviews, thus helping to focus the review team on the student learning experience. Student Participation in feedback and evaluation activity promotes overall student development, including the development of their critical skills.

SQAC addresses regulatory requirements on the part of the institution regarding student involvement in quality assurance. This responsibility is effectively accomplished by the Teacher Representatives of SQAC team.

You, We and Our College is a program organized by SQAC to facilitate the transition and integration of students into the college learning environment. This orients the students at the entrance level of Arts, Commerce, Science and Management, about the college facilities, infrastructure, Teaching staff, Administrative Section, specialties and its heritage.